On 2-3 February 2019 the Student Left Network will host its first ever conference!

Register now to book your free space (and accommodation), and book your travel early!

Marketisation is wrecking campus living, learning and working conditions. Senior management are on ever-inflating six figure salaries while students and workers bear the brunt of cuts – and a new wave of job losses and course closures have just been announced. In FE, the picture is even worse. Meanwhile hate crime rates are rising on campus and the far right is growing, bolstered by the anti-migrant rhetoric surrounding Brexit.

While all this is going on, the NUS leadership and unelected staff are preparing to gut its democratic structures, giving unelected SU CEOs and NUS staff unchecked control over implementing a programme of still undefined cuts to our National Union’s democracy, campaigning and liberation.

We can’t fight these issues in isolation – that’s why students from campuses across the UK will be gathering to coordinate action on a national and regional scale, share activist and campaigning skills and debate and discuss political ideas.

Come and meet students from across the UK and get involved in coordinating student left activism for the coming year. There will be workshops, discussions, debates and votes on motions as well as caucus meetings for liberation groups (and socials). We will also elect a National Committee to coordinate things for the coming year.

A section of the Saturday will be dedicated to discussing NUS democracy cuts, what they mean for the student left, and how we can fight them to build a democratic, campaigning National Union of Students that supports, links up and spreads local struggles on campus and fights for students and alongside the labour movement on a national scale. More info here.

To participate in democratic decision-making sessions (elections, caucuses, debates and submitting and voting on motions) you will need to be a member. You can join online here.

Access to the conference, food and accommodation is free. However, if you are struggling with transport costs, we have a small amount of money we can use as an access fund. Please email studentleftnetwork@gmail.com with your requirements and the finance committee will try to cover as much of your fees as possible.