At the Student Activist Gathering on 2 November students from universities and colleges around the UK got together for a day of political discussion, skill sharing and action planning.

We started the day with a plenary discussion about past, present and future workers’ climate action, a socialist green new deal, and climate change, colonialism and the far right, before splitting into workshops.

The first was direct action training, where we discussed different types and examples of direct action, such as strikes, occupations, pickets, road blocks, banner drops and eviction resistance. We talked about things to think about when planning an action, why different actions are effective for different reasons, and why student-worker solidarity is so important (as well as why the strongest direct action campaigns are always in conjunction with workers).

The second was a discussion on winning our demands on the green new deal and decarbonisation campaigns on campus, and the obstacles and opportunities for doing that.

Next we got together to start making plans for our own direct action in the lead up to the 29 November climate strike (watch this space!)

After lunch we heard from members of the UK Uyghur Community, who spoke about the persecution the Uyghur people are facing from the Chinese state in East Turkestan.

At the end of the day we worked out our programme of activities for the rest of the term and set up working groups for each area: (you can read the full motion we voted for here).

International solidarity

Publicise and co-host the monthly pickets of the Chinese Embassy in London by the Uyghur Solidarity Campaign
Develop contacts with people campaigning on Hong Kong

Student-worker solidarity

Support upcoming CWU strikes; produce a leaflet linking the strike with climate change.
Mobilise students to support picket lines on the UCU strike and develop solidarity actions

– Environment

Write articles for the SLN zine Icecap for 29th November
Build for the 29th November climate strike including calling student-worker assemblies.
Plan some direct action.

– Additional

Produce a how-to guide to starting and running mental health campaigns
Publicise and carry debate about what different members are doing in the general election.

If you want to join any of the working groups, fill out this form!