The Student Left Network is a broad coalition of student activists involved in campaigns to transform our universities, education and society. 

To be effective we think the left must organise openly and democratically around a clear set of political ideas: we must work together where we agree, and debate and discuss our disagreements. We will actively facilitate this through our website and social media. 

We are on the radical left: we fight for a society based on social ownership and radical democracy, where production is organised to serve human and environmental need rather than profit. We believe working-class struggle is the agency for winning such a society. We recognise that climate change is a class, race and gender issue. We are internationalists and defend free movement and migrants’ rights. 

We want to build strong grassroots student campaigns which look outwards to broader politics, the labour movement and local communities. We aim to take the politics and the spirit of these struggles into NUS and Student Unions to democratise and radicalise them into political, campaigning bodies. 

We will:

  • International solidarity
    • Publicise and co-host the monthly pickets of the Chinese Embassy in London by the Uyghur Solidarity Campaign
    • Develop contacts with people in Britain involved with the campaigning in Hong Kong, and talk to them about what’s happening and how we can get involved – e.g. posters have been being taken down on campuses
  • Student-worker solidarity
    • Support and take people to the postal worker picket lines during the upcoming CWU strikes. We will also produce a leaflet for these strikes linking the issues raised by the student climate movement and the postal service, to leaflet striking postal workers and try and build links
    • Mobilise students to support picket lines on the UCU strike and talk to branches about what more we can do to support the strikes e.g. direct action – e.g. putting forward model motions to student unions mandating them to support the strike; putting out material aimed at students explaining the strike and saying why it is in their interests to support it
  • Environment
    • Write articles for the SLN zine Icecap to give out at the next climate strike (29th November)
    • Build for the 29th November climate strike – mobilise students to get involved with the climate strikes, and talk to workers who could get involved (university workers, postal workers) – this could be getting people to come to the rallies in town, or it could be smaller things like getting people to take solidarity pictures at lunchtime
      • One part of this should be thinking about calling student-worker assemblies on campus to talk about what specific demands to put on the university regarding decarbonisation 
    • Continue planning a piece of direct action going on from the discussions at the meeting on 2/11
  • Produce a how-to guide to starting and running mental health campaigns on campus based on the successful mental health campaign at UCL
    • Talk about how we can link this up to climate movement
  • We will publicise what different members are doing in the general election (e.g. involved in Labour with Labour for a Socialist Europe; Green Party) and carry debate on the website about the election

We will set up working groups on these areas where these ideas can be developed and carried out. 

If you want to join any of the working groups, fill out this form!