The national committee has responsibility for what the Student Left Network does between conferences. Working groups (open for all members to join) work alongside the NC to oversee the SLN’s campaigns and activities.

The 2019 National Committee was elected at SLN Conference on 2-3 March.

The 2019 National Committee is:

George Wheeler (Manchester)

Christie Neary (London)

Victor Sievert (KCL)

Isabella Welch (Disability Rep; Oxford)

Justine Canady (UCL)

Dan Davison (BME rep; Cambridge)

Owen Hurcum (LGBT+ rep; Bangor)

Rida Vaquas (Oxford)

Andrew Peak (Oxford)

Maisie Sanders (London)

Tom Ward (York)

Jahan Swaine (Oxford College)

Ed Williamson (Sheffield)