The national committee has responsibility for what the Student Left Network does between conferences. Working groups (open for all members to join) work alongside the NC to oversee the SLN’s campaigns and activities.

The NC is made up of 10 standing members, elected by STV (at least 40% must be women). Plus one voting representative from the following liberation groups: trans, women, BME, LGBT, disabled.

A temporary steering committee was elected at our Launch Meeting on 8 November, which will oversee the SLN’s political work (alongside working groups) until our first conference in February 2019, where a National Committee will be elected.

Meetings of the NC are open to SLN members but only elected members of the NC have voting rights. National Conferences are open to all SLN members and all have equal voting rights.

The temporary steering committee is:

Ella Wilkinson

Christie Neary

Bradley Allsopp

Ross Taylor

Justine Canady

Victor Sievert

Ted Bojeng

Jake Elliman

Andrew Peak

Maisie Sanders

Alex Stuart

A Reading student activist